Cashlight Pro

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Money with a Plan

You have dreams. Sometimes dreams take money. We dream of helping you follow a plan so your money will help your dreams come true. Cashlight Pro for iOS and the web provides tools to ensure that your money is living by your plan - not someone elses.


  • View your cash balance for today, tomorrow and next year
  • Enter purchases and immediately view the future impact on cash and goals
  • Visual alerts warn if today's decision threatens tomorrow's dreams
  • Debt-elimination wizards generate repayment plans suited to your comfort from conservative to aggressive
  • Changes to your plan dynamically adjust debt-elimination schedules, protecting your cash and dreams

"I need this!" I've built it.

"I wish I had this earlier."


Introduction: Planning for a Dream

For many of us, our finances have no plan. We drift through life on auto-pilot hoping upon hope that we'll have enough tomorrow to live our dreams. We spend with no real insight into how it will effect us tomorrow. By constructing a plan, and using Cashlight Pro, the impact tomorrow on today's decisions can be instantly visualized.

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Case Studies

Slay the Credit Monster. Aggressively. Safely.

Years ago I got inspired to eliminate my credit card debt after listening to Dave Ramsey. Enthusiastically (and naively) I started aggressively sending repayment checks to Mastercard and Visa. I was less than enthusiastic when I found, some months later, that my naive enthusiasm had left me with insufficient cash on hand to pay the next month's rent. Oops!

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